05° – a requiem for a planet   2022

sound installation

1,5°, 2°, 2,5°, ... We can see and feel the fragility of the fine balance on our planet in the great changes that can be measured in units as small as half a degree.

The inhabitants with whom we will share the planet at the end of this century will be decided in the same 0.5° steps as the extent of suffering, hunger, flight and war that we face as a global society. Half a degree is not much and yet it can mean everything for us and others.

The sound installation consists of piano wire, electro-magnets, amplifier, wood, paper and a composition based on environmental sounds and climate data.

The electromagnets excite the strings with the composition. The resonance body (80 cm, wood, paper) amplifies the string sounds acoustically.

The installation plays in a 22 minutes loop.

Temporary installation at Protestantischer Friedhof Augsburg (DE) in the frame of the exhibition „unendlich still“ 01.05. – 31.10.2022