The audio-visual installation was procuded for the Pavillon of Muzeum Emigracji and City of Gdynia at the Open‘er Festival in Gdynia (PL)

The installation consists of one HD1080p video with an  8-channel sound-track running in a 30-minutes loop.

After the presentation at Open‘er festival, the installation was shown in Muzeum Emigracji, Gdynia (PL).

During the pre-production phase, four locations in Gdynia (PL) were recorded with URBAN AUDIO instruments.

Ten 360° timelapse rotations were recorded at each location, whereas each recording was taken from a different perspective by re-placing the camera. These rotational timelapse videos were digitally superimposed.

Additionally, driving sequences through Gdynia were recorded with a camera on the roof of the car.

The image was stabalized mirrored and synchonized with the recording of tuned strings inside the car, which vibrate depending on the flow of traffic and the road conditions.

URBAN AUDIO Gdynia    2018

audio-visual installation

excerpts   /  original: 31:30 minutes, 8-channel sound

installation in the Pavillon of Museum Emigracji and City of Gdynia at Open‘er festival

impressions from the pre-production phase at Skwer Kaszubski and in the container port