The AudioBikes_3.0 are equipped with two string-based audio-transformation-systems that are designed for being used in active and passive mode.

Active mode

While riding the AudioBikes_3.0, the vibrations of the driving set strings to vibration. One audio-transformation-system registers horizontal vibrations (1a), one system registers vertical vibrations (1b).

The string vibrations are each recorded with electromagnetic pickups (2) and passed on to amplifier (3), whereas each signal of the two audio-transformation-systems is audible on one channel of the stereo  headphones.

Passive mode

Two microphones (4) record ambient noise and pass it – via  amplifier and exciter (5) – on to the strings. The strings vibrate depending on the incoming noise.

Electromagnetic pickups record the string vibrations. The acoustic abstraction of the ambient noise is audible on headphones.

During exhibitions, the AudioBikes_3.0 can be rented by the visitors for test-rides.









AudioBike_3.0    2012    

interactive audio sculptures

bike ride for the exhibition „30 Künstler 30 Räume“, Nürnberg, 2012

bike ride for the exhibition „Stadt(t)räume“, Basel, 2012

bike ride for the exhibition „urbane Zukunft“, Kunstvilla, Nürnberg, 2018