duett   2022

sound installation  /  underwater loudspeakers, aquarium, water

The installation explores the changing relationship between humans and whales.

Once hunted, now romanticised, the great marine mammals are still threatened and we humans are advancing further and further into their habitat.

The irony of the relationship is that what fascinates us most about whales - their vocalisations - is also what makes them most vulnerable to our treatment of their habitat.

Today we put the record "Songs of the humpback Whale" (Roger Payne, 1970) on a record player that has might have travelled to us on a noisy ship engine while we hunt for bargains on the internet that will come to us the same way.... But doesn't he sing so beautifully, this whale ?!

"Duet" consists of two sound tracks played on two underwater loudspeakers. One sound track is a piece from the above-mentioned record, the other is an imitation of whale vocalisations played on a Longboardharp.