kinetic sound installation

in collaboration with Meide Büdel (GER)


The sound-installation consists of two steel plates of slightly different size, which are ballancing on acoustic exciters.

Contact-microphones are attached to the steel plates and connected to the exciters.

The acoustic feedback between the contact microphones and the exciters lets the steel plates vibrate in their natural resonance frequencies, which are slightly different from eachother due to the difference in size.

The vibartion is powerful enough to be heard, seen and felt in the ground.

installation view:
Kunsthaus Nürnberg

during the exhibition „in den Raum“


Grenzbereich  /  kinetic sound installation  /  steel plates, exciters, amplifiers, contact-microphones  /  approx. 4,0m x 4,0m x 1,4m