Performance / Video (HD1080p, 30min) / Installation


The flag consists of the national flags of 206 countries. These are the national flags of the 193 members of the United Nations and 13 states with no UN membership.

The flag was taken to the Negev desert in the south of Israel and hoisted at half-mast on a mobile hand-held flagpole. During the 30-minute performance the flagpole was held upright, with the performer remaining motionless.

During the exhibition "In den Raum", the flag was hoisted at half-mast on a permanently installed flagpole in front of Kunsthaus Nürnberg (GER).


The Negev Desert is not only a place from the old testimony – which makes it significant for the Christian, Muslim and Jewish religion – it also serves as training ground for the Israeli army and is the home of Bedouins.

Due to its history (Nuremberg Laws 1935 and Nuremberg Trials 1945-1949), Nuremberg is called the "City of Human Rights". It hosts the biannual "Nuremberg Human Rights Award" and holds the "Street of Human Rights", a public installation of the Israeli artist Dani Karavan.

halfmast   2017

performance / video / installation

video still  (HD1080p 30min)

supported by:
Neumeyer Abzeichen

digital superimposure of 206 national flags.

halfmast performance in the Negev desert (ISR)

halfmast installation at Kunsthaus Nürnberg (GER)