Joy Ride   2023

installation  /  power generator, leaf metal, LED lights, cables, wood, metal

The installation consists of a gold-plated power generator on a black plinth (40x40x180) and seven LED spotlights on wooden stands. The generator produces the electricity for the LED spotlights pointed at it, burning about 0.7 liters of fuel per hour. A stainless steel hose conducts the exhaust gases out of the exhibition space.

Installation view:  prze, Gdansk (PL) in the frame of undergdansk 2023

Our global economic system, our modern societies, our entire world is based on the principle of generating energy by burning fossil fuels.

Without the continuous burning of mineral oil and its derivatives, the world would be a different place. Today, 150 years after the beginning of the petrochemical re- and e-volution, fuel has a status between basic necessity and savior. While our ancestors still paid religious respect to the successful harvest - and thus to nature - today we worship the burning of fuel. Be it in the form of professional televised racing, in form of the sports cars, motorcycles and motorboats that sit in our private garages, or by celebrating our "holy"-days by airplane.

Slowly we realize that we have fallen into a misguided belief and we ask ourselves how we can get out of it. Do we need a new Martin Luther who appeals to our reason, or a Messiah who takes our guilt upon himself, or a Moses who grinds the Golden Calf into dust that everyone has to swallow before he has the apostates murdered in a massacre?

Perhaps this time we should knock the Golden Calf off its pedestal ourselves. Because if we wait until Moses comes from the mountain, it might become very uncomfortable.