URBAN AUDIO micro.chills is a mobile version of the project URBAN AUDIO.

The stereo instrument contains two pairs of musically tuned strings. The strings are excited by ambient noise captured by two microphones. The string vibrations are registered, amplified and sent to headphones for the audience to listen.

Comfortable seating or lying  options are provided for the audience to remain and relax.

URBAN AUDIO micro.chills was first presented in the frame of Tsonami Sound Art Festival in Valparais (CL) in 2017.

The second public presentation took place in Kaliningrad (RU) in the frame of the festival Sound Around Kaliningrad in 2019.

in 2021 the project was invited to Gdansk (PL) for the Miasto Wracam festival by Urb Cultural Planning.

URBAN AUDIO micro.chills    2017 / 2019 / 2021

live sound project in public space


images from Sound Around Kaliningrad  2019  (photos: Aleksandra Grzonkowska, Florian Tuercke)

images from Tsonami Sound Art Festival 2017 (photos: Carsten Stabenow, Florian Tuercke)

micro.chills Kaliningrad (RU)  2019

micro.chills Valparaiso (CL)  2017

micro.chills Gdansk (PL)  2021

images from Miasto Wracam, Plac Walowy, Gdansk,  2021  (photos: Florian Tuercke)




Dear Sound Around Kaliningrad team, dear Goethe Institute Kaliningrad, dear visitor,

I don't want to be disrespectful and I'm still grateful for the invitation to the international festival Sound Around Kaliningrad in 2019. Yet, i hope you understand that in the current situation I must follow my consciousness and express my protest. I sincerely hope and deeply believe that one day we will face a future of mutual understanding, peace and freedom. We all must not give up to fight for that.