During its construction we got access to the 120-meters high hollow concrete pylon of an unfinished wind enery plant in the vicinity of Munich (GER) and conducted one day of acoustic experiments inside the space.

This time we extended our usual set of experiments (feedback- and resonace-experiments). We were re-playing the sound of wind inside the space, swung a microphone around the central axis and exciting the natuarl resonance frequencies of the space with  our voices.

NakedVolume is a series of artistic investigations on the acoustic potential of spaces. Subject of these investigations are places that are normally inaccessible to the public.

The acoustic experiments, involving microphones and loudspeakers focus on the natural resonance frequencies and the reverberation of the space. The main research methods are controlled feedback and impulse response experiments.

The results of the investigations are condensed to 10- to 15-minute compositions. These acoustic portraits reflect the individual character of each space.

accoustic experiments & site-specific composition

in collaboration with René Rissland (GER)

#3  //  windtower    2014