untitled   2011

sound installation

installation view:  KREIS Galerie Nürnberg, 2011

The main Space of the exhibition „Neuzugang“ in KREIS Gallery Nürnberg was occupied by two sound installations. Both consist of piano wire, a spherical resonance chamber, an electromagnetic pickup, amplifiers and an electro-mechanic exciter.

Feedback-loops between the pickups and the exciters create a constant vibration in the strings, which is naturally amplified by the resonance chambers.

One installation works with 4 equally tuned strings that resonate in their basis frequency. The white resonance-chamber (1m diameter, fibre-glass , wood, paint) stands on the strings while being suspended towards the ground. The sound in a sonorous hum.

The other installation consists of one string which is vibrating in an harmonic overtone. The black resonance-chamber (40cm diameter, wood, paint) in suspended diagonally towards the wall.

Both installations are triggered by a motion-control sensor.