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2.11. - 13.11.2011

Pedestrian tunnel at Voorstadslaan (in collaboration with William ‘Bilwa’ Costa)

Traffic tunnel at Vorstadslaan (in collaboration with William ‘Bilwa’ Costa)

“pendulum vise versa” (in collaboration with William ‘Bilwa’ Costa)

“pendulum vise versa II”

URBAN AUDIO bike ride Vol. II

Loudspeaker on Skateboard

resonancity Nijmegen   2011

sound project in public space

Feedback is a simple tool to investigate of the resonance  spaces. When applied to public space, the resonance that can be investigated by the usage of feedback, is not only the acoustic resonance, but also the resonance/response of people.

For the project resonancity, which was realized during the symposium deelstaat (Sandarbh and Extrapool) in Nijmegen, a mobile feedback-set (microphones, battery-powered amplifiers, loudspeakers) was created and used.

Aim of the experiments and interventions was to investigate the influence of sounds on the urban environment and the potential of interaction that can be achieved with rather simple means.