URBAN AUDIO Ancient Messene

The 2018 edition of the tunedcity festival took place on the archeological site of Ancient Messene in Greece.

The city of Messene, which was founded 394 B.C., lies in ruins today.

Recording with the URBAN AUDIO project was a challenge in Messene, as there is no urban sounds.

The solution was to use the instruments with contact-microphones (instead of conventional microphones) and to focus on the civilisations that inhabited the site before the ancient greek and again inhabit the site today: insects.

With the contact-microphones placed in the grass, it was the various sounds of the insects that triggert the instruments.

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The recording in Belgrade was conducted on the way back from tunedcity Messene.

It took place on the 7th of July 2018 on the Brankov-Most-Bridge, which crosses the river Save.

URBAN AUDIO @ Sonnenland

The last stop of the tour back from Greece was the micro-festival LABOA at Sonnenland in Vienna.

During the experimental-noise festival, visitors were invited to listen to the musical transformation of the ambient sounds of the festival. This was mainly the sound of birds, wind and humans.