The idea behind SAL was to broaden the concept of land- and nature-art with the means of media and sound.

SAL was created in the Nürnberg forest during the nature-art symposium Kreis im Wald in 2010.

SAL was facilitated with various equipment to record and replay sounds; amongst others, a pair of camouflage-loudspeakers with 30 meters of cable each.

Artists, composers and experimental musicians were invited to collaborate by either performing live or by sending sound-files via internet that were created to be played in the forest.

The sounds-files were continuously played to the forest during the final presentation.

featured artists:

- Aaron Christians Schlie (D)

  1. -Allison Lorenzen (USA)

  2. -Büro Schröder (D)

  3. -William ‚Bilwa‘ Costa (USA)

  4. -Gene Coleman (USA)

  5. -horstundireneschmitt (D)

  6. -Michael Markert (D)

  7. -Rasmus Hedlund (FIN)

- Ursula Kreutz (D)

  1. -Veronika Riedelbauch (D)

  2. -weltanschauungsbeauftragte (D)

SAL (SylvanAudioLab)    2010

collaborative sound project / installation

William ‚Bilwa‘ Costa


Rasmus Hedlund

- no title -

Michael Markert





„Deutscher Wald“

Gene Coleman

& William ‚Bilwa‘ Costa

„in between“

Veronika Riedelbauch

- no title -

Ursula Kreutz


Allison Lorenzen

„unattended bag“

Büro Schroeder